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My Trifecta Tune & a Question or Two....

After considering both the Overkill and Trifecta Tune, I ended up going with the Trifecta. While it was a fairly easy process, there were a few steps that you kind of have to figure out on your own. Overall though, it only took around 15 minutes to install once everything was available.

When you order it, you get your "tune" as an email file (download it first before you start your tune I later learned) and then your Tuner Cable comes a few days later. Most PCs have just random USB Ports so make sure that you're actually plugging the cable into a true USB Port and not just a "Charging Only" one, because it will give you an "Unrecognized" Error which I initially thought meant there was something wrong with the cable itself.

Driving the car after the tune was installed was like driving a completely different car. As one reviewer put it, it felt "lively" and immediately responsive versus the previous feeling of having to wait for the motor to react one you hit the throttle. It's also louder in the intake sound which I really enjoy as well. It is well worth the money and I'd use Trifecta again for any car that I had.

So now I'm ready for the next stage of upgrades. Has anyone installed the Overkill Simple Intake & 80mm Throttle Body with a Trifecta tune? If so, will it throw a code? Or is not really worth getting the Intake and I should just go with the 80mm Throttle Body and a drop-in K&N Air Filter?

I'm also planning on adding the JacFab Intake Spacer and (if it seems to also make sense), the Ported Intake. As far as I can see, that seems about it for these cars as I haven't found anything regarding Cams, etc and I've yet to hear an aftermarket 3.6L exhaust sound anything but raspy.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

2014 Chevrolet Impala LT2
Trifecta Tune
JacFab Intake Spacer
Primary Y-Pipe Mod
Magnaflow Mufflers
K&N Drop-In Filter
20" Centerline Wheels
Custom Vintage "SS" Stripes
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