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Any of you folks bought any OE style repop seat covers lately?
A set for plain jane vinal OE Buckets seats (for my 72 Pontiac) from one of the TWO upholstery copy
companies cost almost $500! Foam and springs extra too!
Its just down the road from me in Newark NY!
They dont sell at the door/online either! All thru parts houses!
You mention katskin? A thousand bucks easy!

As far as mounting, thrifty GM prob. made the seat anchor/stud in the same spot on
all the 8th gen. cars. The seats should have the same track mount locations.
Some of the wiring is plug n play or already there. No bags in the seats IIRC!

Yea pic n pull is the cheapest way out. Just catching the car with the right color and
being the first to put your wrenches to get a nice set is gonna be tough!

A set on fleabay is gonna be $pendy and I can just imagine the shipping hassle
and cost!
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