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Originally Posted by Tymaxboy View Post
Wow!! I guess the last comment is from a guy who obviously knows. Thanks for nothing AS$!
To those who asked or stated a serious comment. No, I wasn't trying out for the next Fast n Furious movie. The tires never chirped or lost traction. Like I said it was from a stop or slow roll. If I just pressed hard on the accelerator it jumped to go for a split second, then stalled dashboard lites and all came on, the pop up on the dash for "Stallbrake" came on and then in a second it started right back up.
No, it doesn't have the feature to shut down at lights.
Again to the two who made a serious contribution to my post, I thank you. To the third, well have a blessed day.
Ok I'll bite...
Turn your TCS off and see what happens.
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