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Originally Posted by tjhenry77 View Post
I like the navy since it does not interfere with anything in the car. And it gives a fiber optic output.

I was going to go stealth, however there’s just to much $ tied up in the stuff I already have. I will be switching to a sealed subwoofer inclosure since that hits smoother and more accurate on bass production. As a trade off the box is only 1/2 the size of the potted enclosure. Slowly but surely the blueprint is going to become reality. Still putting stuff together. Weighing out ideas.

I may just say screw the nav tv. Stick with the stock Bose system since it sounds pretty darn good as is. And just add a sub with a line out converter. I’m really starting to lean that direction. I went all out on the last car and to be honest I think the stock mids and highs sounded better and fuller. And I spent like $1000 on those mids and highs.

Time will tell we will see lol

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My sound system is very SQ oriented and just happens to get decently loud. I just couldn't go back to anything factory because it just sounds sooo good lol. I initially started with only an loc with subs to stock system, but i wasn't happy because the sub didn't blend to the system overall very well so i redid everything. The LC7 is my weak link holding my system back to do even more which is why i was curious about navtv because you're the only one here that has mentioned it! But i don't think ill need it with the arc ps8 dsp. It's practically the same price as navtv after paying for install on navtv as well here in Utah.
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