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Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
Loyalty to a brand is not using your noggin. GM has outsourced a lot of production to China along with Mexico and points further south. I feel no loyalty to an outfit that's taking my dollars out of the country.

The cold hard truth is that Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are just as American made as GM, Chrysler, and Ferd at this point. There's a high probability that there's more American content in those "foreign" brands than the supposedly domestic brands now. The "foreign" brands do lack the UAW content that the big three had in the rust belt... If UAW loyalty is what you're looking for look elsewhere.
It's a global world no doubt!

But I will beg to differ on your on your end results. Even though any and all makes are made aboard. The american companies have the overall profits show up here in the United states and that in turn supplies a greater tax base for the country!

Agreed that a foreign make being made here is way better than being made over seas and provides jobs for americans and as you pointed out non union.

I am sorry for thinking of america! I try to buy american based products whenever possible! We have 5 GM products in garages or the drive. We have all whirlpool products, we have lazy boy furniture and many other brands also.

My loyalty is to the people making the cars here in the Lansing area for providing the 10 spin off jobs for each worker, plus the retirees.

In my fantasy world, if everyone bought american based products we would go back to everyone having decent paying jobs(and not having $15.00/hr fast food workers) and huge tax base in order to fix the crumbling infrastructure that we suffer from, on a daily basis driving on our roads.

If this is not using my noggin (FYI was condescending try to choose your words more wisely ) then please remove my brains!

In closing, before someone questions me as being a foreigner hater, my wife is from Europe and I am 50% asian.

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