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It's a business, plain and simple! I can understand GM's point of view when these plants are running at 33%. According to GM's words if a volume unit reaches around 50K units a year it becomes a losing proposition.

But GM can try to merge some of these plants like Oshawa and Hamtramck both Impala. Also when Ford is backing away from sedans GM should receive most of those consumers?

Also building these so called all electric cars and autonomous. Where are you going to build these GM?Apparently Mary Barra and GM has learned how to crap cars out of thin air?

I agree with statements above with the aging power grid, and the extra load will overwhelm the system in short term if this will actually catch on! On the same subject last time I checked the power generation comes at some sort of cost, solar, hydro have the least impact on the air. But nucular and coal have lasting issues and natural gas is still has an impact.

A few of the members mentioned that you only buy used and I understand it's your money! But you can also see you are part of the issue.

I have purchased or leased 26 new GM vehicles and 4 used and I have been driving for 32 years. My dad has two Impalas and we have one plus two newer Silverados. I have done my part to buy American made or U.S. based corporations as much as I possibly can. All of our appliances are Whirlpool.

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