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I saw this coming. GM sold more Impalas as fleet vehicles than they did to regular consumers, especially the Gen 8 model. The Gen 9 sold like hotcakes in 2014. I remember reading an article that the Detroit-Hamtramck plant added an extra shift to keep up with the demand. Now, they are among the worst-selling GM vehicles and they're shutting down that very same plant. What a difference 4 years make.

I don't think that sedans will ever make a comeback because they just aren't selling and GM and the other automakers are already pushing the compact SUVs and crossovers, like the Chevy Trax which gets great gas mileage but has a weak, underpowered engine. My wife got a Trax as a loaner and I was not impressed at all. However, the average car-buyer will just accept what's available without a fight.

What's funny about GM is they said they're going to shift their focus to electrics and autonomous vehicles but their cancelling the Volt? You can't sell that but you're going to focus on more electrics? Makes no sense to me. The only electric car I am even remotely interested in is Tesla but they are pricey. I predict that one of the big three (Maybe GM) is going to acquire Tesla or at least merge with them.

As for autonomous cars, I'm not interested in that. I actually like to drive. I usually welcome the opportunity to be an early adapter of ground-breaking technology but I'm gonna sit this one out.

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