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if overkill is still modding the 3.6 (i know he recently stopped working on some versions of 8th or 9th gen impalas) then he is probably still using the hptuners controllers. first you pay him, then he sends the controller with instructions on how to upload your stock files to him (i think i emailed them to him compressed perhaps, it's in the instructions). then he emails back his files and you follow the rest of the files. you can literally swap files for hte motor/trans (they're seperate and one for 87 octane, 93 octane, plus your stock tune). you load one tune for the motor first then the trans tune after following the same process. i keep the controller in my car and change on the fly as desired. i've read with the 3.6 it makes a huge difference (i know it did with my 3.5), however gas mileage may suffer as you'd imagine. be warned last i knew overkill response times were slow....i mean very slow. but he is the only one i know of that offers a custom tune (plus he re-tunes for free if you add mods later). trifecta is a canned tune you cannot alter at all. some people have said trifecta is seen by the shops although some say it cannot be seen by the shops (if a shop sees the computer tune was altered they may void your warranty).

hope this helps.
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