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What a coincidence that I stumble upon this thread

My '14 LTZ (79k miles) just started exhibiting this same behavior. Began with the driver's side blind spot light going crazy every so often when nothing was there. Now about a week later, the airbag light is on, no climate control power (random times), and I'm usually not able to easily unlock the car using the key fob. There was one start where the instrument cluster was completely dead, but the car was running and I was able to drive. That was alarming, to say the least. There are also several times when all systems display a message saying they need to be serviced. I've got an appointment with the dealer next week. Scared to see how much this is going to cost.

I'll add I've also had an interesting issue where sometimes (rarely) it will have a very rough start and run rough for maybe a minute, all the crazy messages display across the screen saying all the systems have failed, and then moments later after driving it runs fine and all the messages go away, including the check engine light. Not sure if that's related. It's really rare, maybe once every three months. Still love this car though. This is the only major problem I've had, other than a wheel bearing which was covered by my extended warranty. Stay tuned!
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