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Yeah, when (if) you buy the Overkill tune, he will supply both an 87 octane version and a 93 octane version (basically, just different ignition timing maps) of the tune. I no longer use my Overkill tune (I was looking more for "comfort" over performance), but I did use it as a learning tool - and using it for that alone is worth the $150. By comparing the Overkill tune to the stock tune (via the HPTuners "Compare" function), you can see exactly what Overkill changes and really learn from it. And then little by little, along with some reading over on the HPTuners forums, you'll start feeling more and more comfortable making your own changes to customize the tune to your exact "specifications". In particular, the shift points, amount of torque management and gas pedal sensitivity are some of the easier things to really tune to you exact preferences. Some of the stuff is *very* technical and involved (such as idle tuning!), but other things are actually kind of easy to tweak - and small tweaks to things like the shift points can really make the car behave just like you want it.

If you like to "tinker" with things, you'll love HPTuners. Just go slow - make minor changes and monitor how it changes things (the HPTuner scanner is an *awesome* tool to see *exactly* what your car is doing!). You can log a drive and then review it later, frame-by-frame if you want - and then make more changes based on what you see in the logs. It really is good stuff.

I wish we had more folks using HPTuners on here. Would be great to interact with other Impala owners and learn from each other.

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