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My understanding of the AutoCal device is that it simply allows you to "apply" a custom tune - not modify it yourself. I think it also lets you datalog and read/clear codes too. But what it does NOT allow you to do it modify the tune - just apply it and datalog.

With an HPTuner, you can do all of that, plus you can actually modify the tune yourself. It's really a whole different ballgame in terms of functionality....

Either way (AutoCal + Overkill Tune or HPTuner + Overkill Tune), you'd still end up with the same Overkill tune (although, I think the HPTuner version of the Overkill tune allows a few "extras" that you can't get with the AutoCal version) - it's just that if you go the HPTuner route, you can also modify the Overkill tune yourself - or design your own custom tune (which is what I ended up doing - I don't even use the Overkill tune).

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