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Pipe Dreams of Insanity

I recently acquired a 96 Caprice with the 4.3 "Value Package." I'm kind of a sucker for unique and different, so I started thinking about doing something stupid, for the sake of doing something stupid. Queue light bulb. The dimensions of the intake manifold are such that with some milling and a little fabrication, a Weiand 142 will sit nicely on top of it... Thoughts? I know the LT1 is a cheaper power option, but I don't care. Unique is what I'm going for, and if I go LT1 in the future, it should bolt on... In theory... I've also been considering the Eaton M90 used in the 3800SC because of its throttle body set up, although I don't know if it will have enough flow to feed a V8 effectively. This is all just spitballing right now and will probably never happen, but I can dream, right?

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