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Originally Posted by 77Impala View Post
Yeah it was about a six hour install. The key hot wire and ground wire is all I reused, all other wiring is custom. plus had to custom the mount to hold the CD/radio into the dash. I had talked to a shop once that did radio installs and was told it would cost me 600 just in labor to fit the speakers, wires, and radio into this car. Not worth it to me and I did the full install myself.

My grandfather was upset with me for even adding a different radio then came from the factory. He told me that I had ruined the value of the car, well at the time is was almost 27 years old and had 25K total miles. I laughed and told him I have no desire to sell the car and I will fix it up the way I want it. He shrugged his shoulders and never said another word about it.
You're like me. I'll probably crush my car before I resell it.

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4. Swapping a 3.8V6 Supercharged into an 05 Base Impala.
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