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This tends to be as controversial as our current presidential candidate situation (not taking sides only saying people get heated and have strong opinions about their beliefs). I completely understand the warranty side of it and that's why I use delco. I'm only saying when you see cut open ones and some use glued plastic parts and others use metal, it kinda makes me think.

I know delco are made my champion and they make a ton of different brands, and all exceed OEM spec, I just wonder why you should change the filter (according to delco instructions) every 3-5,000 miles while amsoil filters they guarantee to 25,000. What makes one that much better? I know you have to use their oil for that guarantee, and I personally don't know anyone who would go 25k on one oil filter so I get it may just be advertising, but still if it was all BS I doubt their legal department would let them say it.

I'm not looking to start trouble by asking this I'm only wondering why filter lives seem to be all over the board if they're all pretty much the same.
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