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Originally Posted by Utah LTZ View Post
Sorry, I know the info isn't super clear, but let me help you a little, at least with the sub outputs.

Subwoofer (+/-) blue/gray - green/blk (L); gray/blk - green/pur(R) +,- amp in trunk R side, blk 8 pin plg, pins 1-5; grn 16 pin plg, pins 8-16

So, if you look at the black 8 pin plug on the amp, pins 1 and 5 are going to be the left sub woofer output wires, the blue/gray being "+" and the green/blk being "-". Then for the right channel, look on the green 16 pin plug going into the amp for pins 8 and 16. These will be the gray/blk for "+" and green/purple for "-". I know it's a bit different, but that is how I had found it and I just cut and paste onto here. The fact that the system has these wires at all tells me that a Subwoofer does exist. The system, at least mine, produces way lower bass than any 6x9 could. The sound system is advertised as having one as well. I haven't located it either, but haven't really looked. It is probably some 6" they shoved somewhere, just like the in the Silverado and Sierra trucks.

If you are able to find out more from a local place and can post it that would be super helpful! Thanks in advance for what you can find.

Well this is what i found out that you'll need a

that you can supply 12v to it to boost the voltage to ur sub amp that will allow you to get the power that you need to push out the bass because all the voltage coming out and in is regulated and there is no way around it, they refused to give me any wiring info reguarding the speaker wires so but he did tell me that i could use the yellow/white and yellow/brown for one of the set of wires still have to figure out the other set i need to use, ill let you know more once i start working on it. They wanted 100 bucks for that converter that i linked but i found it on amazon for cheaper so i have to wait for it to arrive.
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