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Originally Posted by jtrosky View Post
Liability doesn't seem to be a problem with Helm... Hell, you can disable safety systems by pulling a fuse if you wanted to - GM even tells you which fuse is for the airbags, ABS, etc... I don't see how anyone can be liable for providing the information - it's up to you to use your brain on how to use the information. All it takes is a simple disclaimer - TONS of companies provide "dangerous" infomation if it isn't used properly - that doesn't mean that they are liable for what you do with that information.

Again, anybody that wants the information can already get it. Just because you have to pay for it, wait for it, etc doesn't mean the liability is any different than if it was included with the vehicle.

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I dont know if you are willfully ignoring me, dont realize how litigious a society we live in or truly believe that providing vehicle wide comprehensive service information with every vehicle wouldnt result in increased litigation.

We arent talking about Helm, or whether or not anyone would liable for providing the information. In fact I never once used the word "liable" or "liability"

My point is that if GM provides the end user with the service manual, stupid shit will happen, and GM will get sued.

If you dont believe thats true, while I appreciate the urbanity of the conversations we have been holding I feel your opinion on this matter is ingenuous, bordering on showing naivete.
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