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Well its been awhile but i finally did the big job to fix the misfire. I returned the cap and rotor kit and went ahead and just bought a whole new opti (delphi). Put in acdelco spark plug wires and ngk tr55ix iridium spark plugs. Whoever designed for the opti to be behind the harmonic plate and water pump is a complete idiot. And also the easiest way to get to the spark plugs is through the wheel well. Com'n really?! Don't even get me started on running the spark plug wires from the opti to the back on the passenger side. If the water pump ever leaks, itll leak right onto the opti . Thanks gm! Ok enough of my rant lol. Flushed out the coolant and took out the coolant reservoir tank and cleaned it. It was nasty. That dexcool had turned into pellets and muddy. I used the felpro timing chain kit for all the gaskets and sealers because it all comes in that kit.
Another problem I was having with the car was to turn the engine over. It would take sometimes 2 or 3 tries to get it to turn on. Would make a terrible scratching/grinding noise. I personally thought it was the flexplate. I took it to my mechanic that i've known for a long time and he said it was the starter. I decided to get 2 other opinions from other mechanics. One said it was the timing chain, the other said it was the flexplate. Decided to go with my gut and trust my mechanic. Im so glad i did that! It was the starter. Didnt come without complications though. I bought the acdelco starter for the 95-96 rm and it didnt fit! The holes for the screws were too close and wouldnt screw in. I found out the 94 rm used a different starter. I went to advanced auto parts and bought the toughone starer for the 95-96 model and also for the 94 model. Sure enough it was the '94 that fit. How weird is that?! My '96 rm uses the starter for the '94 model.
So the 2 biggest problems are fixed Next project is to put some monroe shocks in since the ride is somewhat bouncy.

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