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With the 9th gens, I'd be surprised to find much aftermarket gear for the stereo since it's so "embedded" into the vehicles operation. Not even sure if you could connect an amp to it or not - I'm guessing that it doesn't have any pre-amp outputs, so you'd probably have to use an "adapter" that allows you to use the speaker-level outputs (speaker wires) to add an amp - not entirely sure what drawbacks this introduces though - can someone (@RYD?) comment on adding an amp to a stock head-unit that doesn't have pre-amp outputs?

I just can't stand the direction that cars are going in regards to the radios... WIth some of the newer cars, there is just no way to replace the radio because they are *so* embedded into the vehicles operation (and dash). It's all fine and dandy for now, until a few years down the road when CDs become obsolete and the next "latest and greatest" thing comes out and you are SOL...

For people that really like car audio/video customization, it's a pretty big issue.

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