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Originally Posted by ajm786 View Post
As we all know, the regular H11 bulbs on our car are very dim and yellow. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on Silverstar, Nighthawks, etc., for a marginal return in performance.

So, I bought two H9 bulbs and modded them to fit the H11 socket.

The difference in performance is DRASTIC. Not only is there much more light, the light is much whiter instead of being a dingy yellow.

I do expect to get shorter lifespan from the bulbs, but I feel it was worth it. Instead of converting to HIDs, I highly recommend doing this mod. It's not illegal, won't blind everyone (as long as your headlights are aimed properly) and just requires a bit of elbow grease to mod the H9 bulb to fit an H11 socket.
do the new bulbs pull more electricity?

can you show us pics?

can you describe the modding process?
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