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I have a 2015 Impala Limited LTZ with a Bose system. I want to put in an aftermarket stereo in my car but all of the sites are saying that my car doesn't fit an aftermarket stereo. I think they are only showing the Impala 2 that has the custom stereo. I know I can put a double din in mine, but my only and biggest concern is what will be affected? Computer, Onstar, controls on the steering wheel, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I can help you tune your v6 by parts or by website to help you with your impala if your looking beat those v8 engine's join my group and I can help you out. Items include: engine,transmission,suspension,brakes,exhaust,CAI.
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Hid's and Led's
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A Group to share good jokes or funny situations, as well as "I hate it when" scenarios .
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For any/all owners of Impalas between the years '00 and '05. Electrical, motor, performance, cosmetic, etc. I own a '03 and have owned an '04, '10, and financed and sold a '14. If you have common issues that are specific to 2000-05 Impalas, please feel free to discuss and suggest tips and helping points.
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Impala owners out there that like to use a wonderful product known as Plasti-Dip! This group is for you!
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Norther Underground Street Racing. This is my car club me and my buddy just started in Jefferson Co. NY. Looking for locals with a passion for vehicles that we have. GM is prefered but all are welcome :)
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Looking for impala owners in Lancaster area to meet and chat
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I have a 2006 chevy impala that seems to have a front sunroof drain block. Does anyone know where the front sunroof passenger side drain lead to? I lose site of the drain beyond the windshield . Thanks
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people that need ideas and have ideas come here to share pictures and their ideas for some newbies wanting to make a sick impala
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