2006 Impala SS

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2006 Impala SS
HP / Torque
  • 303 HP.
Engine Modifications
  • NONE
Suspension Modifications
[B]interior[/LIST] LIST][*]NONE[/LIST] Wheels and Tires
Audio / Video
  • NONE

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in my driveway love the big pipes 06 SS 06 SS 2006 Impala SS - Photo 28 2006 Impala SS - Photo 29 2006 Impala SS - Photo 30 2006 Impala SS - Photo 692 [IMG]http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg69/rayander
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2006ss Please help. My drinks gas like water. How can I stop this? 03-01-2016
AZsilverSS I have your twin! Do you have the leather interior? How did you do the front grill mod? I like it! 05-07-2010
c4073v@ Im looking for does rims, but can't find any, looks very good. 04-05-2010
rayss I just removed the bowtie with a heat gun and cleaned up the old tape remains with goofoff.Then just stuck the new one on. 12-07-2008
08RedSS How does the SS badge fasten to the grille? Thanks. Looks great! They should have done it that way from the factory. 12-07-2008
GTR It looks awesome. The SS badge makes it look even more badass. 09-22-2008
heavypaul thanx for the comment! 08-19-2008
rayss No I like it just the way it is plus I do not want to void my warranty.The only things I have changed is the new fitted bowtie floormats and replaced the bowtie on the grill with a ss like the ones on the doors. 07-05-2008
05ss45 hey thanx for the comment man. you got yourself a sweet ride, i almost traded my 05 ss in for an 06 ss identical to yours but just stuck with my love. are you planning on doin any mods to it or no. 06-30-2008
rayss Hey thank you. That plate was just a random new number but I like it. 03-07-2008
77Impala Nice car there. I noticed that the license plate looks personalized, what does the "777 NNO" mean? 03-06-2008
rayss I love driving this car it has a good ride and takes off when you step on it. chevy USA-1. 03-06-2008
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