1977 Chevrolet Impala LTW. Old School-Custom Restoring.

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1977 Chevrolet Impala LTW. Old School-Custom Restoring.

HP / Torque
  • Factory original untouched LG3, 5.0L-305 CID.
  • 108 kW, 140 HP @ 3800 RPM's.
  • 245 Foot Pounds of Torque @ 2000 RPM's

Engine Modifications
  • 19 Inch Flex Fan, H.D. Aluminum 2 Core Radiator, Rebuilt Rochester 2GC carb., Hi-Performance Ignition Module, All metal timing gear/chain kit

  • Rebuilt factory original Turbo Hydromatic 200. Replaced the following parts:
    Torque Converter, Bands, Washers, Bushings, Forward P. Plate, Filter, M.L/S 200C kit.

Suspension Modifications
  • Monroe HD Front Shocks, Monroe Rear Air Shocks (2nd set). 9C1 Rear Springs. Replacement of all ball joints, drag link, inner and outer tie-rods, idler arm, left front spindle, sway bar links. Front Lower Control Arm Bushings. Moog upper A-frame's.

Interior Modifications
  • Tint. Headliner, Sail panels, and rear Package Shelf all done with matching material. New cloth on front and rear seats. Dash Pad, Carpet, 9C1 Gage Cluster, Carpet in the trunk. Fire Extinguisher mounted in trunk. First Aid kit mounted in trunk. Custom Tool Box in trunk. Custom mounted AC Delco Floor jack in trunk. Custom Leaping Impala spare tire cover.

Exterior Modifications
  • Vinyl top delete. Body molding delete. Custom Two Tone Light Blue Metallic/GM Bright White paint. All new door, glass, trunk seals. New Window/Door sweeps. Leaping Impala on Sail Panels. IMPALA and Blue Chevy Bow Tie on trunk. 3rd Brake Light. Custom covers over rear light panels.

Wheels and Tires
  • 215/75R15 on factory steel rims with original hubcaps. Includes original full size spare rim. New Chevrolet Bowtie emblems on hubcaps.

Audio / Video
  • Sony X-Plode CD (WAV, WMA, MP3), AM-FM, Front AUX Input, 208 Watts w/remote.
  • Speaker Front 5 1/4 inch 2 way , Rear 6X9 3-way. Plenty of power for my taste.

Current Mileage
  • (1)07,??? as of October 15, 2014.

  • May 12, 2012, Won 3rd place in it's division - (70-90 Modified)
  • June 2011 Impala Of The Month - Impalaforums.com
  • May 14, 2011 Won 2rd place in its division - (70-90 Modified)

Next Big Project
  • Engine/Transmission upgrade in the works.

This vehicle was custom ordered and built on November 1, 1976 by the GM South Gate CA Assembly Plant. It was delivered to and sold by Chase Chevrolet (no longer in business) in Sherman Texas. I bought this car on January 9, 2003.

Additional Information

  • Impala LTW stands for LifeTime Warranted, LOL. For it has over 38 lifetime warrantied parts, with more to come in the future.
  • 4/11/15 Major TLC day. HVAC overhaul. Replaced AC compressor, AC condenser from R12 to R134 type. Replaced evaporator core. Replace heater core. Coolant change. Oil change. New belts.
  • 4/2/13 Rolled first 100,000 miles at 5:47pm.
  • 12/27/12 Replace left upper control arm and installed OEM left front spindle replacing the later edition temporary I had on there.
  • 08/22/12 Replaced right upper control arm, lower ball joint, and left upper control arm bushing.
  • 04/28/12 Replaced lower control arm bushings.
  • 10/19/11 New Power Steering pump and hoses.
  • 5/6/11 Car back from paint shop.
  • 3/15/11 Car back from upholstery shop, now at paint shop.
  • 10/3/10 Car at upholstery shop getting upgrades.
  • 7/30/10 Car back from body shop, damage listed below fixed.
  • 6/29/10 Car damaged while parked on right rear door and quarter panel.
  • 5/19/10 New all metal timing gear kit, replaced original set that still had the plastic teeth cam gear, amazing at 80K miles and 33 years later that all the teeth were still on it.
  • 5/17/10 New AC compressor
  • 5/15/10 New Sway bar links
  • 5/07/10 All new front end parts, tie-rods, center link, idler arm, upper and lower ball joints.
  • 9/25/09 Replace the rear springs with 9C1 springs.
  • 8/7/09 Replace the previous air shocks that I installed back in November 03 with new L.T.W. ones from Monroe.
  • 12/8/08 Bummer, today the car got dinged up a little when it was backed into a parked pickup's bumper.
  • 5/28/08 Now that I have my work van this car is back into semi retirement.
  • 3/26/08 I tossed out the old bumper jack in favor of a small floor jack, the floor jack is much safer than the factory bumper jack.
  • 1/9/03 Bought the car with 24K on the odometer.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
This is what it look like in Jan-03 when I bought it. Had to re-route the defroster switch when installing the 9C1 gage cluster. My work of installing the CD radio and 9C1 gage cluster My first up close look at a DeLorean, my car is behind it. The original 305 engine, with a few outside mods. At only 19 inches this fan will move air and remove finger prints! Heater/AC Unit with R134-a converstion. Custom repair for a fuel flow problem these series of cars had. The original rubber hoses did not li First year of the quick diagnostic connectors, GM had a device that hooked here to check the engine electrical parts. Full view of the engine compartment. This emission sticker is still there and readable. Backed into a pickup bumper Dec 8, 2008 Pic 1 Backed into pickup bumper 12 8, 2008 pic 2. New 9C1 springs for the car. Gives it a firmer ride. I wish I had one of these. Damage from pickup backing up into it while it was parked. 6/29/10 Second pic of accident damage from 6/29/10 A differnt view of the damage on 6/29/10 Original plastic covered timinge gear for the cam shaft. Close up of some of the cracks I found in the cam gear. Out side the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo TX during the Route 66 meet May 2010. Caddilac Ranch, Amarillo TX After 2 days in the body shop, Pic 1 After 2 days in body shop. Pic 2 After 2 days in body shop. Pic 3 After 2 days in body shop. Pic 4 Final repair pic 1. Final repair pic 2. Final repair pic 3. Avery Island Tabasco Factory pic 2 Tabasco Users Parking ONLY! Avery Island Speed bumps, biggest I have seen. Front and Rear wheels are touching the ends of the speed bump at the same time. The best of the 3 Build sheets found in my car. 77 Fisher Body Manual 77 Factory Service Manual OEM Electest for the 77-81 GM vehicles, checks engine and HVAC systems. Preview of new interior being worked up for the car. New rear seat pic 1 Sail panel now matches headliner and package shelf. Rear package shelf with speaker cutouts. New carpet. New carpet pic 2, the "stain" is actually the light hitting the carpet. Front seat pic 1 Front seat pic 2 paint shop pic 1 Paint shop pic 2, ready for primer Paint shop pic 3 Doors ready for priming. Paint shop primer pic 1 Paint shop primer pic 2 Sneak peek of the new paint job! Fresh from the paint shop, pic 1. Fresh from the paint shop, pic 2. Fresh from the paint shop, pic 3. In a Car Show May 14th, 2011. The award the car won in the May 14th 2011 show. Old Chase Chevrolet sign, this was where this car was first ordered and sold. At the lake. GM South Gate Assembly Plant-Where this car was built. Car show September 17,2011 New Tire cover with Leaping Impala emblem. Start of my new tool set to compliment my theme for the car. Case opened. Close up of part of the new tools. GM Performance Tools! Old Lumidor tool box painted to match the car. GM Performance Parts Sticker. Complete with tool tray. Painted bedliner inside and under it. Painted bedliner inside as well. Also under the box. New trunk layout with carpet almost done. Pic 1 New trunk layout with carpet almost done. Pic 2 New rain gards. Pic 1 New rain gards. Pic 2 Kotter key sheared off and the nut fell off to the lower ball joint. The tow truck driver uses AC Delco floor jack. Custom Art Picture I had commissioned of the car. Rolling past 100K miles pic 1 Rolling past 100K miles pic 2 April 2 2013 at 5:47pm Rolling past 100K miles pic 3
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fordolet Very nice Chevy. I was lucky enough to get a 1977 Impala as a new company car. When this model came out it was not too popular the first year but people got to liking the style. Mine was a metalic red with the 305 v8 and metric transmission. It's only defect was that it idled way too fast for ice and snow. I had to shove the gear shift into neutral a lot. It ran well and effortlessly. A family member bought it in 1979 and it lasted many years. My next car was a 1979 Impala. It was nice too but not as peppy. I think it was geared too high. Well enough of that, I like your Impala, it brought back memories. 07-23-2013
eighty2Bbody Nice impala. Looks great after the paint job. Good to see another old b body still on the road and getting treated the way it should. 09-09-2012
COACH Nice car. Did a great job on the paint and interior. Looks like you got lucky when the ball joint broke. That could have been a big problem. I just bought a 1977 2 door custom impala and the wife and I love it. Been doing some check up work (ie: oil changes and such) and found the alternator needed replacing. While replacing it I shorted out the hot battery wire and the ignition. All the fuses are good and haven't replaced the ignition switch yet. Any idea what else the short could have damaged besides the ignition switch? My user name is Coach. I've been doing the same with replacing any parts with lifetime warranty. I hope my project turns out as good as yours. Thanks for sharing. 09-04-2012
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