06 SS SStella

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06 SS SStella
HP / Torque
  • 303/323

Audio / Video
  • 2 Alpine Type R 12s, Alpine MRP-M1000

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06 SS SStella - Photo 6781 06 SS SStella - Photo 6782 06 SS SStella - Photo 6783 06 SS SStella - Photo 6784 06 SS SStella - Photo 6785 06 SS SStella - Photo 6786 06 SS SStella - Photo 6787 06 SS SStella - Photo 6788
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KCJC2011 And did you repaint the A-Pillar pieces on the outside, if so, how did you take them off? 04-02-2014
KCJC2011 I am curious on the tail lights as well, are they painted or after market? 04-02-2014
LazerBlue07SS Sick looking all balcked out man. I like it a lot. I too would like to know what you did for the tail lights. Also, where you found the black SS emblems too... Those are super hot and want a set for mine. 11-15-2012
Branden031 nice ss man black on black looks good on the ss and you deff. displyed the concept 11-01-2012
Wick3D Awsome ride Wally! Tail lights are sick, what you do? 07-02-2012
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