94 impala ss

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94 impala ss
HP / Torque
  • 300+
Engine Modifications
  • yea
Suspension Modifications
  • some
Interior Modifications
  • no
Exterior Modifications
  • tasteful
Wheels and Tires
  • 3 piece stag. 19 inch stag. stock
Audio / Video
  • audio

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1 stock wheels blacked out no tint 94 impala ss - Photo 61 94 impala ss - Photo 62 94 impala ss - Photo 63 94 impala ss - Photo 64 94 impala ss - Photo 65 94 impala ss - Photo 66 94 impala ss - Photo 68 94 impala ss - Photo 69 94 impala ss - Photo 70 94 impala ss - Photo 71 94 impala ss - Photo 72
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mikethomas1954 Anyone install WAGON rear springs on a 94-96? They are wider and shorter.And about $40. a pair. 11-06-2015
Papa D I'm a newbie here with 94 Caprice 9C1. I gotta say, your ride is inspiring. Any changes since these pics were posted? 01-31-2011
KON yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........ Good stuff 04-26-2010
kyles91caprice damn nice and clean ride. the black on black looks good, hey i was wondering where did you buy your chromed eblem for the impala grille at, and how much did it cost? if you dont mind me asking. thanks 02-24-2010
HemiHunter That is a clean ride, it looked like you had the control arm extenders on there, if so how does it handle? 02-07-2010
erict2004 Simple and Clean. Thats the way to go. 12-07-2009
ahrodriguez13 Damn, That is a clean ride. Looks sick blacked out. I have a black 96. 11-05-2009
Benssjamin Fuckin Beautiful From Head to Toe! 07-02-2009
Keylo94SS Very Clean SS Bro. Hard to find 94's out there. I got a 94SS too 02-06-2009
biggj713 that hoe is beautiful. did you lower the suspension or does it naturally sit like that? 10-24-2008
biggj713 that hoe is beautiful. did you lower the suspension or does it naturally sit like that? 10-24-2008
GTR love the rims. wicked ride dude. 09-28-2008
RoadMonster Beautiful Impala!
I like everything you have done.
mr96ss clean ss. i like u chose the simple look. 08-05-2008
SS0 CLEAN clean ride! love the color matching wheels. 05-10-2008
WetBlackSS thats pretty sick!! 05-07-2008
sswagon SICK wheels! 05-02-2008
95SSWagon That is probably the best lookin impala i have ever seen the chrome fikse's look amazing man and byt the looks of the speedo shot the looks werent the only thing dealt with sweet ride man 04-14-2008
77Impala The 157 Mph is that the top end or could it still go faster? Even at 157 that is very impressive. 03-16-2008
rayss Hey nice car. I like the wheels and the long pipes. Great job. 03-15-2008
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