1955 Pontiac Cheiftain 4Dr model 870/ 96 caprice 9C1

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1955 Pontiac Cheiftain 4Dr model 870/ 96 caprice 9C1
HP / Torque
  • 380 HP 1996 caprice 9c1 chassis and HD posi rear end
Engine Modifications
  • Started with 96 LT1 engine..upgraded to 2002 Camaro LS1 with long tube race headers 3" exhaust
Suspension Modifications
  • Boxed rear control arms, 2" drop spindles up front 4Wheel disc ABS brakes bilstein shocks all around
Interior Modifications
  • hand made dash and door panels Caddy electric seats remote 10 Cd player Xplod system
Exterior Modifications
  • Body emblems removed holes filled some chrome painted black or removed
Wheels and Tires
  • 1996 Caprice police wheels with chrome trim rings

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1955 Pontiac Cheiftain 4Dr model 870/ 96 caprice 9C1 - Photo 3165 car at start of project ..still on stock frame original V-8 ..very slow can you say giant steering wheel.. ive been framed thinking about a 4WD frame...just kidding ohhh! an Lt-1 ..must be a caprice Oh god !  look at all those wires..a 50 pound dash harness now thats a frame..just needs a little stretch The running donor...best of the pack in 96 Only 100 bolts hold the front fenders on...LOL Its easy just locate and weld into 55 Pontiac trunk floor....Measure and re-measure etc Now you know what a caprice with out a fire-wall looks like easy does it...thats not right uppppp! trunk with caprice pan...tough to weld...pop..pop...pop gotta love caddy seats...mmmm comfortable OK the steering column is located...hey anyone know how to make a dash? Fire-wall modified to accept Caprice PWR brakes,AC unit & steering column Hey this AC unit is huge...If we have to we will just put a scoop on the RH fender..Only Kidding Dash board creation early stages ,Caprice pods used comon I want Ice cream... Cool an LT-1 transplant looks good from any angle custom fender wells 1/2 96 caprice 1/2 55 ponty boy you got a big nose now thats what i call a nose job hey stop looking at my rear who knew police wheels could look so good oh.. my favorite a plastic gas tank...good bye rust look at my insides hand made door panels..fun fun fun I love to reflect... caprice cluster dash from the right side hand made underdash wiper system..god was that hard..good bye crapy steel cables posi unit.very heavy duty..first gasket was tiny....found correct gasket find your perfect mate... the fuel filler needs to come out where?...are you kidding did you call me short....@#$%^%$## I love a good sunset...has anyone seen the doors Mommy what happens to police cars when they get old? Hey as anyone seen my gray Caprice..I just parked it here...ooops recent pic 2" front drop spindles and Headlight rings painted black 1955 Pontiac Cheiftain 4Dr model 870/ 96 caprice 9C1 - Photo 3243 1955 Pontiac Cheiftain 4Dr model 870/ 96 caprice 9C1 - Photo 3244 before the drop spindles..
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cheven hmmm beat me to it ...I don't know how to send you a message ...and I'm still new but take a peek at my pictures, I think you'll find a few interesting.

car looks awesome !

77Impala Nice work on your custom creation. How long did it take you to build it? 07-23-2009
POPIMPIN CUSTOMS I.N.C looks damn good !!!! 07-23-2009
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